1. Varicella
2. Herpes Zoster
3. Shingles
4. Rashes
5. Pox
6. Eruptions
7. Blistering
8. Itching
9. Burning
10. Skin Lesion
11. Neuralgia
12. Neuralgic Pain
13. Postherpetic Neuralgia
14. Rash
15. Pruritus
16. Vesicular Rash
17. Vesicles
18. Skin Eruptions
19. Dermatomal Rash
20. Dermatome
21. Nerve Root
22. Neural Inflammation
23. Neural Damage
24. Skin Discoloration
25. Skin Ulceration
26. Scarring
27. Oozing
28. Tingling
29. Numbness
30. Pain

Looking for synonyms for the word «Zoster»? There are many different ideas and terms that can be used to describe this condition. Some of the best synonyms for «Zoster» include Varicella, Herpes Zoster, Shingles, Rashes, Pox, Eruptions, Blistering, Itching, Burning, Skin Lesion, Neuralgia, Neuralgic Pain, Postherpetic Neuralgia, Rash, Pruritus, Vesicular Rash, Vesicles, Skin Eruptions, Dermatomal Rash, Dermatome, Nerve Root, Neural Inflammation, Neural Damage, Skin Discoloration, Skin Ulceration, Scarring, Oozing, Tingling, Numbness, and Pain. All of these words can be used to describe the same condition, giving you a variety of options when discussing Zoster. Whether you are looking for a more technical term or a more general word, there is a synonym for «Zoster» that will fit your needs.