1. Balkan Peninsula
2. Former Yugoslavia
3. Serbia
4. Croatia
5. Bosnia and Herzegovina
6. Montenegro
7. Slovenia
8. Macedonia
9. Jugoslavija
10. Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
11. Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia
12. SR Yugoslavia
13. FR Yugoslavia
14. SFRY
15. SRY
16. FRY
17. Former SFR Yugoslavia
18. Former SR Yugoslavia
19. Former FR Yugoslavia
20. FPR Yugoslavia
21. FRP Yugoslavia
22. FPRY
23. FRPY
24. South Slavic Country
25. Yugoslav Republic
26. Yugoslavian Nation
27. Yugoslavian State
28. Yugoslavian Federation
29. Yugoslavian Union
30. Jugoslav

When looking for synonyms for the word «Yugoslavia», there are many ideas to consider. For starters, the Balkan Peninsula is one of the best synonyms for Yugoslavia. Other words for Yugoslavia include Former Yugoslavia, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Slovenia, Jugoslavija, Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia, SR Yugoslavia, FR Yugoslavia, SFRY, SRY, FRY, Former SFR Yugoslavia, Former SR Yugoslavia, Former FR Yugoslavia, FPR Yugoslavia, FRP Yugoslavia, FPRY, FRPY, South Slavic Country, Yugoslav Republic, Yugoslavian Nation, Yugoslavian State, Yugoslavian Federation, Yugoslavian Union, and Jugoslav. Each of these synonyms provides a different way to refer to the former nation of Yugoslavia. Whether you’re looking for a more general term or a more specific one, these synonyms will help you find the right word for your needs.