1. Yours Truly
2. Yours Respectfully
3. Yours Sincerely
4. Yours Affectionately
5. Yours Cordially
6. Yours Devotedly
7. Yours Obediently
8. Yours Fondly
9. Yours Lovingly
10. Yours Tenderly
11. Yours Responsibly
12. Yours Earnestly
13. Yours Heartily
14. Yours Attentively
15. Yours Gratefully
16. Yours Eagerly
17. Yours Faithfully
18. Yours Cheerfully
19. Yours Amiably
20. Yours Honestly
21. Yours Sympathetically
22. Yours Appreciatively
23. Yours Considerately
24. Yours Dutifully
25. Yours Graciously
26. Yours Adoringly
27. Yours Intimately
28. Yours Reverently
29. Yours Sincerely
30. Yours Affirmatively

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