1. Affirmative
2. Agree
3. All right
4. Amen
5. Aye
6. Correct
7. Definitely
8. Exactly
9. Good
10. Indeed
11. Just so
12. Most assuredly
13. Naturally
14. Of course
15. OK
16. Positively
17. Precisely
18. Right
19. Right on
20. Sure
21. Sure thing
22. True
23. Unquestionably
24. Verily
25. Very well
26. Yup
27. Absolutely
28. Assuredly
29. By all means
30. Without a doubt

When searching for synonyms for the word ‘Yea’, it is important to consider the best ideas and other words to express the same sentiment. Synonyms for ‘Yea’ are plentiful, and can range from affirmative and agree, to all right and amen, and even aye and correct. Other words for ‘Yea’ include definitely, exactly, good, indeed, just so, most assuredly, naturally, of course, OK, positively, precisely, right, right on, sure, sure thing, true, unquestionably, verily, very well, yup, absolutely, assuredly, by all means, and without a doubt. Depending on the context, there are numerous synonyms for ‘Yea’ that can be used to express agreement or affirmation.