Synonyms for XVII:

1. Seventeen
2. Seventeenth
3. XVIIth
4. 17th
5. Seventeenfold
6. Seventeenthly
7. Decimal 7
8. Seventeeners
9. XVII-fold
10. Heptade
11. Seventeen-membered
12. Seventeen-sided
13. Seventeenth-century
14. Seventeen-year-old
15. Seventeen-letter
16. Seventeen-year
17. Seventeen-day
18. Seventeen-hour
19. Seventeen-minute
20. Seventeen-second
21. Decenary 7
22. Seventeen-way
23. Seventeen-member
24. Seventeen-digit
25. Seventeen-sided
26. Seventeen-string
27. Seventeen-syllable
28. Seventeen-note
29. Seventeen-tone
30. Seventeen-tone scale

When searching for alternative words for XVII, there are plenty of options to choose from. Whether you are looking for a more formal or informal word, there is a synonym to fit your needs. From “Seventeen” to “Seventeen-sided”, the list of synonyms for XVII is expansive and varied. The best ideas for synonyms for XVII depend on the context of the sentence or phrase. If you are looking for a more formal word, “Seventeenth” or “XVIIth” may be the best option. For a more informal word, “Seventeeners” or “Heptade” may be the best choice. With so many options to choose from, you can easily find the perfect synonym for XVII.