Synonyms for «Writers»:

1. Authors
2. Poets
3. Journalists
4. Columnists
5. Scribes
6. Reporters
7. Correspondents
8. Playwrights
9. Essayists
10. Novelists
11. Biographers
12. Lyricists
13. Copywriters
14. Commentators
15. Chroniclers
16. Storytellers
17. Bloggers
18. Editors
19. Ghostwriters
20. Scriptwriters
21. Historians
22. Researchers
23. Critics
24. Scholars
25. Poetasters
26. Pamphleteers
27. Word-smiths
28. Publicists
29. Writers of fiction
30. Composers

Having a list of synonyms for the word “writers” is an excellent way to broaden your vocabulary and make your writing more interesting. Whether you’re a student, a journalist, or a novelist, having a variety of words to choose from can help you express your ideas more clearly and accurately. From authors and poets to copywriters and bloggers, there are plenty of synonyms for “writers” to choose from. If you’re looking for the best ideas and other words for “writers”, you can’t go wrong with the list above. From scribes to researchers, from chroniclers to publicists, the list has it all. So don’t be afraid to take a look and find the perfect word to express your thoughts.