1. Donned
2. Attired
3. Clothed
4. Garbed
5. Dressed
6. Arrayed
7. Enrobed
8. Appareled
9. Vestured
10. Mantled
11. Beclothed
12. Begged
13. Habilimented
14. Robed
15. Covered
16. Shrouded
17. Invested
18. Arrayed
19. Enveloped
20. Wrapped
21. Enveloped
22. Caparisoned
23. Swathed
24. Shrouded
25. Gowned
26. Habited
27. Outfitted
28. Decked
29. Bedecked
30. Clad

When searching for synonyms for the word “wore”, there are many ideas to consider. From the more traditional words such as donned and attired to the more obscure words such as caparisoned and habited, there is sure to be a perfect word to fit any situation. Whether you are looking for the best synonyms for a creative writing project or for a more technical document, the list above provides some of the best ideas for other words for “wore”. The words on the list are sure to provide the perfect fit for any type of writing.