1. Marvels
2. Miracles
3. Phenomena
4. Splendors
5. Spectacles
6. Prodigies
7. Portents
8. Marvelousness
9. Astoundingness
10. Astonishment
11. Astonishingness
12. Astonishments
13. Prodigiousness
14. Miraculousness
15. Marvelousnesses
16. Amazements
17. Apparitions
18. Awe
19. Awe-inspiringness
20. Awe-inspiringnesses
21. Astoundments
22. Wonders of Nature
23. Wonders of the World
24. Wonders of the Universe
25. Wonders of Life
26. Wonders of Creation
27. Wonders of Science
28. Wonders of Technology
29. Wonders of the Mind
30. Wonders of the Human Condition

When searching for synonyms for the word «wonders,» there are many ideas to consider. The best words to use are those that capture the awe and amazement associated with the concept. Marvels, miracles, phenomena, splendors, spectacles, prodigies, and portents are all great options to consider. Other words for wonders include marvelousness, astoundingness, astonishment, astonishingness, prodigiousness, miraculousness, and marvelousnesses. Amazements, apparitions, awe, awe-inspiringness, and astoundments are also great alternatives. Additionally, there are many wonders of nature, the world, the universe, life, creation, science, technology, the mind, and the human condition. All of these words can be used to communicate the same concept of wonder.