1. Marvelled
2. Pondered
3. Questioned
4. Speculated
5. Contemplated
6. Meditated
7. Gazed
8. Examined
9. Considered
10. Investigated
11. Studied
12. Delved
13. Pried
14. Scrutinised
15. Probed
16. Cogitated
17. Pored
18. Brooded
19. Mused
20. Ruminated
21. Marveled
22. Observed
23. Investigated
24. Inquired
25. Pondered
26. Examined
27. Contemplated
28. Questioned
29. Brooded
30. Scrutinized

Are you looking for the best ideas and other words for the word “wondered”? You can use synonyms such as marvelled, pondered, questioned, speculated, contemplated, meditated, gazed, examined, considered, investigated, studied, delved, pried, scrutinised, probed, cogitated, pored, brooded, mused, ruminated, marveled, observed, investigated, inquired, pondered, examined, contemplated, questioned, and brooded. These words are all perfect alternatives to the word “wondered” and can be used to add more depth and variety to your writing. When used in the right context, these words can give your writing a fresh and unique feel.