1. Spouses
2. Partners
3. Helpmeets
4. Helpers
5. Consorts
6. Matrons
7. Mates
8. Helpmates
9. Soulmates
10. Companions
11. Brides
12. Counterparts
13. Sheilas
14. Significant Others
15. Ladies
16. Wards
17. Ladies-in-waiting
18. Better Halves
19. Consociates
20. She-rocks
21. Guardians
22. Women
23. Spousal Units
24. Marital Partners
25. Wives-in-law
26. She-warriors
27. She-knights
28. Amazons
29. Queens
30. Princesses

Finding the perfect phrase to describe the relationship between a husband and wife can be difficult. Whether you are looking for a term to use in a wedding speech or just a unique way to refer to your spouse, there are many synonyms for “wife” that you can choose from. From “helpmeets” to “she-knights”, there are plenty of interesting alternatives to the traditional term. If you’re looking for the best ideas, consider using one of the more unique words like “consociates” or “counterparts”. Alternatively, you can use a phrase like “marital partners” or “better halves” to describe the relationship between two people. No matter what word you choose, it’s important to remember that there are many other words for “wife” that can be used to describe the special bond between two people.