Synonyms for Winter:

1. Cold season
2. Frosty season
3. Icy season
4. Snowy season
5. White season
6. Freeze
7. Frigid
8. Glaciation
9. Sleet
10. Blizzard
11. Polar
12. Arctic
13. Subzero
14. Snowfall
15. Flurry
16. Frostbite
17. Chill
18. Ice age
19. Freeze-up
20. Polar night
21. Whiteout
22. Icebound
23. Snowbound
24. Snowdrifts
25. Arctic cold
26. Subarctic
27. Subzero temperatures
28. Wintery
29. Wintry
30. White winter

Looking for synonyms for the word “winter”? We’ve got you covered! We’ve compiled a list of the best ideas for other words for winter, including cold season, frosty season, icy season, snowy season, and white season. Whether you’re looking for a single word or multiple words to describe winter, our list of synonyms is the perfect place to start. With these synonyms, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect word to describe winter. From freeze and frigid to snowfall and flurry, our list of synonyms for winter is sure to help you find the best words to use in your writing.