1. Tories
2. Constitutionalists
3. Patriots
4. Federalists
5. Radicals
6. Reformists
7. Liberals
8. Progressives
9. Nationalists
10. Anti-Federalists
11. Activists
12. Revolutionists
13. National Republicans
14. Whig-Clay Coalition
15. Anti-Jacksonians
16. Anti-Slavery Party
17. Reorganizers
18. Unitarians
19. Conservatives
20. Moderates
21. Abolitionists
22. Pro-Jacksonians
23. Reform Party
24. Unionists
25. Jacksonians
26. Anti-Monarchists
27. National Union Party
28. Anti-Slavery Whigs
29. Liberty Party
30. Anti-Masons

When trying to think of ideas for synonyms for the word «WHIGS», it can be difficult to come up with the best words to represent it. Fortunately, there are a variety of other words and phrases that can be used to refer to the Whigs. These include Tories, Constitutionalists, Patriots, Federalists, Radicals, Reformists, Liberals, Progressives, Nationalists, Anti-Federalists, Activists, Revolutionists, National Republicans, Whig-Clay Coalition, Anti-Jacksonians, Anti-Slavery Party, Reorganizers, Unitarians, Conservatives, Moderates, Abolitionists, Pro-Jacksonians, Reform Party, Unionists, Jacksonians, Anti-Monarchists, National Union Party, Anti-Slavery Whigs, Liberty Party, and Anti-Masons. All of these words and phrases offer a unique perspective on what the Whigs stood for and can be used to provide a more accurate description of their beliefs and values.