1. Seven-day period
2. Fortnight
3. Biweekly
4. Segment
5. Stretch
6. Interval
7. Span
8. Period
9. Cycle
10. Heptad
11. Octave
12. Decad
13. Quinquennium
14. Quintuple
15. Sextuple
16. Septuple
17. Octuple
18. Nonad
19. Decuple
20. Vigintuple
21. Quinquagintuple
22. Sexagintuple
23. Septuagintuple
24. Octogintuple
25. Nonagintuple
26. Centuple
27. Quingentuple
28. Sexingentuple
29. Septingentuple
30. Octingentuple

When it comes to finding the best ideas for other words for “week”, there is no shortage of options. Synonyms for “week” can range from the more traditional terms such as “seven-day period” or “fortnight” to more obscure options such as “heptad” or “quinquennium”. No matter what term you choose, these synonyms will help you express the concept of a week in a variety of ways. Whether you’re looking for a more poetic term or a more scientific one, there are plenty of synonyms for “week” that can help you get your point across.