1. District of Columbia
2. Capital
3. Seat of Government
4. Potomac
5. America’s Capitol
6. Federal City
7. National Capital
8. Federal District
9. Monumental City
10. Federal Town
11. Monumental City
12. The White House
13. Monumental City
14. The District
15. The Nation’s Capital
16. The Imperial City
17. The City of Magnificent Distances
18. The Federal City
19. The City of Magnificent Intentions
20. The City of Magnificent Monuments
21. The City of Magnificent Possibilities
22. The City of Magnificent Possibilities
23. The City of Monuments
24. The City of Monuments and Magnificence
25. The City of Splendors
26. The City of Splendors and Magnificence
27. The Federal Town
28. The Nation’s Capital City
29. The Nation’s Seat of Government
30. The Potomac

When looking for other words for Washington, it can be difficult to come up with the best ideas. Fortunately, there is a wide range of synonyms to choose from including District of Columbia, Capital, Seat of Government, Potomac, America’s Capitol, Federal City, National Capital, Federal District, Monumental City, Federal Town, The White House, The District, The Nation’s Capital, The Imperial City, The City of Magnificent Distances, The City of Magnificent Intentions, The City of Magnificent Monuments, The City of Magnificent Possibilities, The City of Monuments, The City of Monuments and Magnificence, The City of Splendors, The City of Splendors and Magnificence, The Federal Town, The Nation’s Capital City, The Nation’s Seat of Government, and The Potomac. These synonyms provide a great way to refer to Washington without using the same word repeatedly.