1. Soldier
2. Gladiator
3. Hero
4. Champion
5. Fighter
6. Trooper
7. Soldier of Fortune
8. Mercenary
9. Marauder
10. Raider
11. Viking
12. Samurai
13. Knight
14. Cavalier
15. Legionnaire
16. Crusader
17. Infantryman
18. Gunman
19. Buccaneer
20. Legionary
21. Dragoon
22. Swordsman
23. Athlete
24. Mercenary Soldier
25. Privateer
26. Cavalryman
27. Legion
28. Hussar
29. Legionary Soldier
30. Guerrilla

Finding synonyms for the word warrior can be a difficult task. Fortunately, there are many different words that can be used to describe a warrior, ranging from the more traditional terms such as soldier, knight, and samurai to more modern terms such as gunman, marauder, and privateer. Whether you’re looking for the best ideas for a story or just need a different word for warrior, this list of 30 synonyms will provide you with the perfect words to fit the bill. From the noble soldier to the daring raider, these synonyms for warrior will help make your writing come alive.