1. Desired
2. Sought
3. Demanded
4. Longed for
5. Craved
6. Yearned for
7. Required
8. Needed
9. Requested
10. Pursued
11. Invited
12. Appetent
13. Aspired to
14. Coveted
15. Eager for
16. Impelled
17. Opted for
18. Preferred
19. Pursued
20. Quested
21. Solicited
22. Suited
23. Urged
24. Wanted after
25. Entreated
26. Aimed for
27. Aspired
28. Craved after
29. Desired after
30. Longed after

Are you looking for the best synonyms for the word «WANTED»? Look no further! Here are 30 synonyms for «WANTED» that you can use in your writing. From the more common desired and sought to the less common entreated and longed after, you can find the perfect word for your writing. Whether you are writing for SEO purposes or just looking to add a bit of variety to your work, these synonyms for «WANTED» can help you find the right word for the job. Use them in your writing today to get the best results!