1. Desire
2. Yearn
3. Long
4. Crave
5. Hunger
6. Wish
7. Need
8. Beggar
9. Require
10. Demand
11. Ask
12. Seek
13. Hope
14. Request
15. Thirst
16. Yearning
17. Crave
18. Call for
19. Be in need of
20. Have a yen for
21. Have an itch for
22. Have an urge for
23. Have a craving for
24. Have a hunger for
25. Have a thirst for
26. Have an appetite for
27. Have a longing for
28. Have a hankering for
29. Have a yen
30. Have a strong desire for

Finding the right words to express your needs or desires can be difficult. That’s why having a list of synonyms for the word «want» can be so useful. Whether you need to find a way to politely ask for something, or you’re looking for the best words to express your needs, this list of synonyms for «want» is sure to provide the best ideas. From the more polite «request» to the more direct «demand», this list of synonyms for «want» has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a more formal way to express yourself or a more casual way to ask for something, these synonyms for «want» will help you find the perfect words to express your needs.