1. Ballots
2. Polls
3. Referendums
4. Elections
5. Plebiscites
6. Mandates
7. Sufragettes
8. Casts
9. Suffrages
10. Voices
11. Verdicts
12. Counts
13. Judgments
14. Choices
15. Decisions
16. Selections
17. Verifications
18. Determinations
19. Verdicts
20. Plebiscites
21. Affirmations
22. Verifications
23. Endorsements
24. Pollings
25. Selections
26. Assents
27. Decrees
28. Endorsements
29. Ballots
30. Judgments

When searching for alternative words for “votes”, there are a variety of ideas to consider. Synonyms such as ballots, polls, referendums, elections, plebiscites, mandates, suffrages, voices, verdicts, counts, choices, decisions, selections, verifications, determinations, affirmations, pollings, assents, decrees, and endorsements are all great options. Each of these synonyms can be used to express the same concept as “votes” in a variety of contexts. Whether you are looking for the best words to use in a formal document or just need to spice up a casual conversation, these synonyms for “votes” can help you craft the perfect phrase.