1. Regurgitating
2. Throwing up
3. Retching
4. Upchucking
5. Eructation
6. Purging
7. Heaving
8. Spewing
9. Rejecting
10. Emesis
11. Ralphing
12. Expelling
13. Disgorging
14. Retching
15. Barfing
16. Heaving
17. Chundering
18. Ejecting
19. Belching
20. Horking
21. Ejectment
22. Rejectamenta
23. Puking
24. Coughing up
25. Spitting up
26. Blow chunks
27. Technicolor yawn
28. Blowing lunch
29. Booting
30. Heave ho

Looking for synonyms for the word «Vomiting»? You’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re searching for the best ideas or other words for vomiting, you’ll find a comprehensive list of 30 synonyms here. From regurgitating and throwing up to ralphing and heave ho, you’ll never be stuck for the perfect word again. Whether you need to describe a medical condition or simply want to avoid using the same word too often, this list of synonyms for vomiting will provide you with all the ideas you need.