1. Ideas
2. Imagination
3. Notions
4. Apprehensions
5. Conceptions
6. Prospects
7. Illusions
8. Concepts
9. Fancies
10. Delusions
11. Premonitions
12. Daydreams
13. Fantasies
14. Presumptions
15. Prefigurations
16. Intuitions
17. Prophecies
18. Vistas
19. Forecasts
20. Musings
21. Ideas
22. Hallucinations
23. Inspirations
24. Fantasises
25. Preconceptions
26. Intimations
27. Inventions
28. Constructs
29. Foresights
30. Hints

When it comes to finding the best synonyms for the word “visions”, there are a variety of options to choose from. Whether you are looking for another word for “visions”, other words for “visions”, or ideas to describe the concept of “visions”, you can find a variety of synonyms to choose from. Some of the synonyms include ideas, imagination, notions, apprehensions, conceptions, prospects, illusions, concepts, fancies, and delusions. Other synonyms include premonitions, daydreams, fantasies, presumptions, prefigurations, intuitions, prophecies, vistas, forecasts, musings, hallucinations, inspirations, fantasises, preconceptions, intimations, inventions, constructs, foresights, and hints. No matter what word you choose to describe “visions”, you can find a variety of options to choose from.