1. Ardently
2. Energetically
3. Forcefully
4. Intensely
5. Powerfully
6. Strenuously
7. Animately
8. Dynamically
9. Fervently
10. Keenly
11. Quickly
12. Vigorously
13. Assiduously
14. Effectively
15. Fiercely
16. Lustily
17. Resolutely
18. Vigourously
19. Athirst
20. Eagerly
21. Firedly
22. Mightily
23. Robustly
24. Vocally
25. Avidly
26. Earnestly
27. Forcefully
28. Nimble
29. Rousingly
30. Zealously

Are you looking for synonyms for the word «vigorously»? Look no further! Here are the best ideas and other words for vigorously that you can use in your writing. Ardently, energetically, forcefully, intensely, powerfully, strenuously, animately, dynamically, fervently, keenly, quickly, vigorously, assiduously, effectively, fiercely, lustily, resolutely, vigourously, athirst, eagerly, firedly, mightily, robustly, vocally, avidly, earnestly, forcefully, nimble, rousingly, and zealously are all synonyms for the word “vigorously”. Whether you are writing a formal paper or a casual blog post, these synonyms will help you express yourself in a more varied and interesting way.