1. Observed
2. Witnessed
3. Examined
4. Perceived
5. Discerned
6. Noted
7. Sighted
8. Scrutinized
9. Beheld
10. Gazed
11. Considered
12. Inspected
13. Regarded
14. Contemplated
15. Discovered
16. Recognized
17. Surveyed
18. Inspected
19. Surveyed
20. Scanned
21. Spied
22. Espied
23. Detected
24. Perused
25. Noticed
26. Beheld
27. Considered
28. Watched
29. Examined
30. Surveyed

Finding the best synonyms for the word “viewed” can be a daunting task. However, with the right research and resources, it is possible to come up with a comprehensive list of words that can be used as alternatives. Here we have compiled a list of 30 synonyms for “viewed” that can be used in a variety of contexts. This list includes words such as “observed”, “witnessed”, “perceived”, “discerned”, and “noted”, as well as more specific words such as “scrutinized”, “gazed”, “contemplated”, and “espied”. These words are perfect for any writing project that requires a more nuanced approach to language. Whether you’re looking to add some variety to your writing or need to find the best ideas for other words for “viewed”, this list of synonyms will provide you with the perfect solution.