1. Route
2. Road
3. Path
4. Way
5. Channel
6. Course
7. Track
8. Corridor
9. Trail
10. Lane
11. Passage
12. Thoroughfare
13. Avenue
14. Byway
15. Passage-way
16. Highway
17. Journey
18. Itinerary
19. Trek
20. Transit
21. Transition
22. Crossway
23. Transitway
24. Transitionway
25. Crossroad
26. Transit-way
27. Transition-way
28. Shortcut
29. Detour
30. Alley

When you’re searching for the best ideas for getting from one place to another, the synonyms for «via» provide a wide variety of options. From the more traditional route, road, and path, to the more modern transit, transition, and crossway, there is an option for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a long journey or a short cut, the synonyms for «via» can help you plan the best route for your travels. When it comes to finding other words for «via», the possibilities are endless. With so many different options, you can find the best way to get from one place to another, no matter the destination.