Synonyms for VESSELS:

1. Containers
2. Tanks
3. Barrels
4. Casks
5. Cisterns
6. Hogsheads
7. Butts
8. Urns
9. Jars
10. Pots
11. Pitchers
12. Cruets
13. Flasks
14. Carafes
15. Decanters
16. Amphoras
17. Vials
18. Bottles
19. Kegs
20. Jugs
21. Urinals
22. Bowls
23. Tubs
24. Pails
25. Buckets
26. Vats
27. Chalices
28. Calices
29. Chalices
30. Phials

If you’re looking for the best ideas and alternative words for the term «vessels», you’ve come to the right place! There are a variety of different words that can be used to describe vessels, such as containers, tanks, barrels, casks, cisterns, hogsheads, butts, urns, jars, pots, pitchers, cruets, flasks, carafes, decanters, amphoras, vials, bottles, kegs, jugs, urinals, bowls, tubs, pails, buckets, vats, chalices, calices, and phials. Each of these words provides a unique description of the item, allowing for a more detailed and accurate description of the item. Whether you’re looking for a more technical term or a more general term, you’re sure to find the right word to describe vessels.