1. Palace of Versailles
2. Château de Versailles
3. Hall of Mirrors
4. Court of Versailles
5. Grand Trianon
6. Petit Trianon
7. King’s State Apartments
8. Queen’s State Apartments
9. Grand Commun
10. Petit Commun
11. Grand Apartments
12. Petit Apartments
13. Hall of War
14. Hall of Peace
15. Royal Chapel
16. Galerie des Glaces
17. Royal Opera
18. Royal Opera House
19. Garden of Versailles
20. Park of Versailles
21. Grand Canal
22. Latona Fountain
23. Apollo Fountain
24. Orangerie
25. Grand Parterre
26. Bosquet of the Colonnade
27. Grand Perspective
28. Petit Parterre
29. Grand Trianon
30. Petit Trianon

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