1. Boundary
2. Perimeter
3. Border
4. Fringe
5. Edge
6. Limit
7. Frontier
8. Rim
9. Brink
10. Margin
11. Outskirts
12. Terminus
13. Precipice
14. Extremity
15. Verge
16. Bound
17. Littoral
18. Limit
19. Line
20. Seam
21. Ledge
22. Boundary line
23. Verge
24. Confines
25. Bourn
26. Hem
27. Verge
28. Horizon
29. Periphery
30. Verge

When looking for alternatives to the word «verge», there are plenty of great ideas to consider. Whether you need a synonym for a formal or informal context, there is something for everyone. Some of the best synonyms for «verge» include boundary, perimeter, border, fringe, edge, limit, frontier, rim, brink, margin, outskirts, terminus, precipice, extremity, bound, littoral, line, seam, ledge, boundary line, confines, bourn, hem, horizon, and periphery. No matter what type of writing you are doing, you can find the perfect word to replace «verge» with one of these synonyms.