1. Discharge
2. Outlet
3. Expression
4. Release
5. Emission
6. Spill
7. Spout
8. Disbursal
9. Exhalation
10. Emanation
11. Letting out
12. Dissemination
13. Emitting
14. Disclosing
15. Dispersal
16. Expelling
17. Disgorging
18. Evacuation
19. Expiration
20. Dispersing
21. Extrusion
22. Exudation
23. Gush
24. Issue
25. Leakage
26. Spillage
27. Spilling
28. Spurt
29. Utterance
30. Ventilation

When searching for another word for «vent», there are plenty of ideas to consider. Synonyms are a great way to add variety and depth to your writing, while still conveying the same meaning. The best ideas for synonyms for «vent» include discharge, outlet, expression, release, emission, spill, spout, disbursal, exhalation, and emanation. Others words for «vent» include letting out, dissemination, emitting, disclosing, dispersal, expelling, disgorging, evacuation, expiration, dispersing, extrusion, exudation, gush, issue, leakage, spillage, spilling, spurt, and ventilation. Utilizing these synonyms in your writing can help to make it more interesting and engaging.