1. Assortment
2. Diversion
3. Miscellany
4. Plurality
5. Plurality
6. Range
7. Selection
8. Dispersion
9. Assortment
10. Variance
11. Contrast
12. Diversity
13. Disparity
14. Multiplicity
15. Variation
16. Plurality
17. Contrasts
18. Disagreement
19. Dispersion
20. Divergence
21. Discrepancy
22. Differing
23. Distinction
24. Discrepancies
25. Discrepancy
26. Divergence
27. Contrasting
28. Discrepancies
29. Changeableness
30. Variableness

When looking for the best ideas to describe something with a variety of elements, synonyms for the word “variety” can be incredibly helpful. Synonyms for “variety” can include words like assortment, diversion, miscellany, plurality, range, selection, variance, contrast, diversity, disparity, multiplicity, variation, plurality, contrasts, disagreement, dispersion, divergence, discrepancy, differing, distinction, discrepancies, discrepancy, divergence, contrasting, discrepancies, changeableness, and variableness. Each of these words can be used to describe something with a wide range of elements. For example, a person who has a wide variety of interests can be said to have a great assortment of hobbies. Similarly, a person who has a wide variety of skills can be said to have a great selection of talents. By using synonyms for the word “variety”, it is possible to accurately and descriptively explain the variety of elements that something contains.