1. Conceit
2. Egoism
3. Pride
4. Narcissism
5. Self-love
6. Amour-propre
7. Self-admiration
8. Egotism
9. Self-importance
10. Ostentation
11. Selfishness
12. Self-absorption
13. Grandiosity
14. Boastfulness
15. Superficiality
16. Affectation
17. Pretension
18. Showiness
19. Vapidity
20. Affectedness
21. Arrogance
22. Haughtiness
23. Snobbery
24. Preening
25. Flaunting
26. Posturing
27. Vainglory
28. Exhibitionism
29. Swagger
30. Posturing

Finding the right words to express the concept of vanity can be difficult. Synonyms for the word vanity can be used to provide a more nuanced understanding of the concept. Whether you are looking for a single word or a phrase to describe vanity, there are plenty of options available. From conceit and egoism to pride and narcissism, there are many synonyms for the word vanity that can be used to convey a deeper meaning. Other words for vanity include self-love, amour-propre, self-admiration, egotism, and self-importance. For a more subtle approach, terms such as ostentation, selfishness, and superficiality can be used to convey a sense of vanity in a more subtle way. When you are looking for the best ideas to express the concept of vanity, these synonyms are a great place to start.