1. Principles
2. Standards
3. Morals
4. Ethos
5. Norms
6. Beliefs
7. Precepts
8. Ideology
9. Attitudes
10. Convictions
11. Notions
12. Dogma
13. Verities
14. Opinions
15. Sentiments
16. Traditions
17. Assumptions
18. Perspectives
19. Credo
20. Guidelines
21. Principles
22. Postulates
23. Bias
24. Prejudice
25. Ideologies
26. Maxims
27. Axioms
28. Regulations
29. Canons
30. Tenets

When it comes to life, values are a set of ideas, beliefs and principles that guide us in our day-to-day lives. Values can be seen as the foundations of our behavior and thought process. The best way to understand what values are is to look at synonyms for the word “values”. Synonyms for values include principles, standards, morals, ethos, norms, beliefs, precepts, ideology, attitudes, convictions, notions, dogma, verities, opinions, sentiments, traditions, assumptions, perspectives, credo, guidelines, postulates, bias, prejudice, ideologies, maxims, axioms, regulations, canons, and tenets. Each of these words has a slightly different meaning, but all of them are related to the idea of values. By understanding the different synonyms for values, we can better understand how these ideas shape our lives and the decisions we make.