Synonyms for Vainly:

1. Futilely
2. Pointlessly
3. Ineffectively
4. Unsuccessfully
5. To no avail
6. Unavailingly
7. In vain
8. To no purpose
9. Uselessly
10. To no effect
11. Unproductively
12. Powerlessly
13. Bootlessly
14. Inutilely
15. Inefficaciously
16. Unprofitably
17. Unfruitfully
18. Ineffectually
19. Unsuccessfully
20. To no end
21. Ineffectually
22. Worthlessly
23. To no purpose
24. Unavailingly
25. To no result
26. Unhelpfully
27. Unavailingly
28. Unsuccessfully
29. To no avail
30. Unfruitfully

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