1. Caprices
2. Whims
3. Fancies
4. Freakishness
5. Quirks
6. Oddities
7. Aberrations
8. Eccentricities
9. Crotchets
10. Fantasies
11. Follies
12. Impulses
13. Inconsistencies
14. Irregularities
15. Moods
16. Notions
17. Peculiarities
18. Perversities
19. Quaintness
20. Quaintnesses
21. Rambling
22. Sprees
23. Tangents
24. Unpredictability
25. Unreasonableness
26. Unruliness
27. Unusualness
28. Wandering
29. Whimseys
30. Willfulness

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