1. Emptiness
2. Void
3. Nothingness
4. Vacancy
5. Blankness
6. Sterility
7. Vacantness
8. Barrenness
9. Inanity
10. Insipidity
11. Unfilledness
12. Unpopulatedness
13. Vacuousness
14. Voidness
15. Worthlessness
16. Insignificance
17. Ineffectuality
18. Ineffectualness
19. Impotence
20. Impotency
21. Inefficacy
22. Inutility
23. Powerlessness
24. Unproductiveness
25. Futility
26. Unavailingness
27. Inoperativeness
28. Unfruitfulness
29. Meaninglessness
30. Pointlessness

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