Synonyms for UV:

1. Ultraviolet
2. Ultraviolets
3. Ultraviolet rays
4. Ultraviolet radiation
5. Ultraviolet light
6. Ultraviolet spectrum
7. Ultraviolet energy
8. Ultraviolet emission
9. Ultraviolet wavelength
10. Ultraviolet frequencies
11. Ultraviolet frequencies
12. Ultraviolet spectrum
13. Ultraviolet exposure
14. Ultraviolet spectrum
15. Ultraviolet illumination
16. Ultraviolet rays
17. Ultraviolet radiation
18. Ultraviolet frequency
19. Ultraviolet light
20. Ultraviolet spectrum
21. Ultraviolet spectrum
22. Ultraviolet radiation
23. Ultraviolet illumination
24. Ultraviolet frequencies
25. Ultraviolet energy
26. Ultraviolet rays
27. Ultraviolet wavelength
28. Ultraviolet emission
29. Ultraviolet exposure
30. Ultraviolet light

If you are looking for other words for UV, there are a number of synonyms that can be used. These include ultraviolet, ultraviolets, ultraviolet rays, ultraviolet radiation, ultraviolet light, ultraviolet spectrum, ultraviolet energy, ultraviolet emission, ultraviolet wavelength, ultraviolet frequencies, ultraviolet exposure, ultraviolet illumination, and ultraviolet frequency. These are the best ideas to use when you need to find a different way to refer to the UV spectrum. Whether you are writing a paper, a book, or simply need to find a way to refer to ultraviolet light, these synonyms are a great way to do so.