1. Applied
2. Employed
3. Operated
4. Practiced
5. Availed
6. Exploited
7. Harnessed
8. Exercised
9. Wielded
10. Manipulated
11. Administered
12. Utilized
13. Deployed
14. Implemented
15. Engaged
16. Consumed
17. Exerted
18. Applied
19. Executed
20. Practiced
21. Operated
22. Harnessed
23. Exploited
24. Availed
25. Wielded
26. Manipulated
27. Administered
28. Utilized
29. Deployed
30. Implemented

Finding the best ideas and other words for «used» can be a challenge. However, there are a variety of synonyms available to choose from. Applied, employed, operated, practiced, availed, exploited, harnessed, exercised, wielded, manipulated, administered, utilized, deployed, implemented, engaged, consumed, and exerted are just some of the words that can be used in place of «used». Thinking outside the box and exploring the different options can help to make writing more interesting and engaging. Using a thesaurus can also be a great way to find new and creative words to use in place of «used». With these ideas and other words for «used», writers can find the perfect word for their writing.