Synonyms for URBAN:

1. City
2. Municipal
3. Municipalized
4. Metropolitan
5. Congested
6. Built-up
7. Crowded
8. Populous
9. Suburbanized
10. Streetwise
11. Street-smart
12. Civic
13. Inner-city
14. Town
15. Conurbation
16. Conurbated
17. Dense
18. Urbanized
19. High-density
20. Densely populated
21. Intense
22. Paved
23. Developed
24. City-dwelling
25. Cityfied
26. Citylike
27. City-based
28. Cityscape
29. Citywide
30. City-centric

Finding synonyms for the word “urban” can be a great way to add variety to your writing. Whether you’re looking for a different word to describe a bustling city street or a more general term to refer to urban areas, there are plenty of options available. From “city” and “town” to “congested” and “streetwise,” the list of synonyms for “urban” is expansive and varied. For best results, consider the context of your writing and choose the word that best conveys your desired meaning. With so many ideas and options available, you can easily find the perfect synonym for “urban” to make your writing stand out and shine.