Synonyms for UPDATE:

1. Revise
2. Renew
3. Amend
4. Adapt
5. Modify
6. Refresh
7. Change
8. Alter
9. Adjust
10. Improve
11. Upgrade
12. Reorganize
13. Modernize
14. Transform
15. Redesign
16. Recondition
17. Rejuvenate
18. Redo
19. Overhaul
20. Rebuild
21. Rectify
22. Reevaluate
23. Rehash
24. Revamp
25. Reinvigorate
26. Rework
27. Rekindle
28. Reorient
29. Revitalize
30. Revivify

Finding the best synonyms for the word «update» can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are a variety of ideas to choose from when looking for other words for «update». Whether you want to modify, adjust, or rejuvenate, there are a variety of options available. Revise, renew, amend, adapt, modify, refresh, change, alter, and improve are all great words to use when looking for a synonym for «update». If you are looking to upgrade, reorganize, or modernize, you can also find the perfect word to fit your needs. Additionally, words such as transform, redesign, recondition, redo, overhaul, rebuild, rectify, reevaluate, rehash, revamp, reinvigorate, rework, rekindle, reorient, revitalize, and revivify are all great synonyms for «update». With so many options, finding the perfect synonym for «update» is easy.