1. Uncalled-for
2. Undesirable
3. Uninvited
4. Unneeded
5. Unsolicited
6. Unsuitable
7. Unwished-for
8. Unasked-for
9. Unrequested
10. Undesired
11. Unwelcome
12. Unwished
13. Unasked
14. Uncalled
15. Unrequired
16. Unwanted
17. Uninviting
18. Unsought
19. Unrequisite
20. Uninvited
21. Unlooked-for
22. Unneeded
23. Unwanted
24. Unwanted
25. Unsolicitous
26. Unwished-for
27. Uncalled-for
28. Unasked-for
29. Uninvited
30. Unsought

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