1. Element
2. Part
3. Individual
4. Fraction
5. Item
6. Segment
7. Portion
8. Component
9. Subdivision
10. Module
11. Division
12. Quantum
13. Atom
14. Molecule
15. Detail
16. Section
17. Piece
18. Aspect
19. Facet
20. Quantity
21. Unit of Measurement
22. Measure
23. Amount
24. Group
25. Aggregate
26. Specimen
27. Example
28. Sample
29. Jot
30. Detail

When you need to find the best ideas for synonyms for the word «unit,» you have come to the right place. There are a variety of other words, phrases, and concepts that can be used in place of «unit» in order to express the same idea. For example, «element,» «part,» «individual,» «fraction,» and «item» are all words that can be used to describe something that is made up of smaller parts. Additionally, words like «segment,» «portion,» «component,» and «subdivision» can be used to describe a unit that is further divided into smaller parts. Other words such as «module,» «division,» «quantum,» «atom,» and «molecule» can also be used to describe a unit. Finally, words such as «detail,» «section,» «piece,» «aspect,» and «facet» are all good choices for expressing the idea of a unit.