1. Unsuitable
2. Inadequate
3. Incompatible
4. Unqualified
5. Improper
6. Inapplicable
7. Ineligible
8. Ineffective
9. Ineffectual
10. Unacceptable
11. Inapt
12. Unsatisfactory
13. Unserviceable
14. Unfit for purpose
15. Unsuited
16. Ill-suited
17. Ill-adapted
18. Unbecoming
19. Unsatisfying
20. Unfit for use
21. Unsuited to purpose
22. Not up to par
23. Unmeet
24. Unacceptable for use
25. Not good enough
26. Unacceptable
27. Unsatisfactory
28. Unacceptable
29. Unbecoming
30. Unfit

When you’re looking for the right words to express yourself, it’s important to have a wide selection of synonyms to choose from. Whether you’re writing a paper, creating an advertisement, or simply trying to communicate more effectively, having a variety of other words for «unfit» can help you get your point across. To help you find the best words for your needs, here are 30 synonyms for «unfit,» along with ideas of how to use them. Unsuitable, inadequate, incompatible, unqualified, improper, inapplicable, ineligible, ineffective, ineffectual, unacceptable, inapt, unsatisfactory, unserviceable, unfit for purpose, unsuited, ill-suited, ill-adapted, unbecoming, unsatisfying, unfit for use, unsuited to purpose, not up to par, unmeet, unacceptable for use, not good enough, unsatisfactory, unbecoming, and unfit are all great words to use when you’re looking for another word for «unfit.» Whether you need to express something in a formal or informal setting, you can use any of these words to communicate your point clearly.