1. In Progress
2. In Motion
3. On the Move
4. In Operation
5. In Action
6. In Circulation
7. In Play
8. In Force
9. Initiated
10. Commenced
11. Begun
12. Started
13. Rolling
14. Operative
15. Active
16. Going
17. Afoot
18. In Progress
19. Proceeding
20. In Course
21. Afloat
22. Moving
23. Launched
24. Operational
25. In Play
26. Undertaken
27. En Route
28. In Effect
29. In Process
30. In Activity

Finding the right synonym for your writing can be a challenge. Whether you are looking for another word for “underway”, or synonyms for “in progress”, our list of thirty ideas can help you find the best fit for your writing. From “in motion” to “in force”, these synonyms can help you express your ideas more effectively. With these ideas, you can find the perfect word to express your thoughts and make your writing stand out. Whether you need synonyms for “on the move” or “in operation”, this list of thirty ideas can help you find the best word to express your ideas. With this list of ideas, you can make your writing more effective and make sure your ideas are conveyed accurately.