Synonyms for “Under”:
1. Beneath
2. Below
3. Subordinate
4. Inferior
5. Subjugated
6. Covered
7. Lower
8. Subject
9. Profound
10. Crouched
11. Abject
12. Subservient
13. Suppressed
14. Hushed
15. Down
16. Subterranean
17. Buried
18. Infra
19. Unimportant
20. Subnormal
21. Insignificant
22. Cowering
23. Base
24. Inferiority
25. Underneath
26. Substandard
27. Subjugation
28. Subordinate
29. Submerged
30. Subsiding

When looking for another word for “under”, the best ideas are to use a synonym that best fits the context. There are many synonyms for “under”, ranging from “beneath” and “below” to “subjugated” and “subservient”. All of these words can be used to replace “under” in a sentence. Depending on the context, some synonyms may be more appropriate than others. For example, “subjugated” might be more appropriate in a sentence about a person being oppressed, while “below” might be more appropriate in a sentence about a location. By using synonyms for “under”, you can add more variety and depth to your writing.