1. Unawares
2. Unmindful
3. Unapprised
4. Insensible
5. Unthinking
6. Unheeding
7. Ignorant
8. Uninformed
9. Unwitting
10. Unconsciousness
11. Oblivious
12. Unaware
13. Unsuspecting
14. Unperceptive
15. Unintelligent
16. Unalert
17. Unresponsive
18. Unobservant
19. Unsensible
20. Unattentive
21. Unobserving
22. Unenlightened
23. Unwary
24. Unconscious
25. Unmindful
26. Unappreciative
27. Unsophisticated
28. Unacquainted
29. Unconsciously
30. Uneducated

Finding the right synonym for the word “unconscious” can be a challenge. Whether you are looking for the best words to use in a speech, a creative writing project, or a research paper, there are plenty of options to choose from. Here are some of the top ideas for synonyms for “unconscious”: unawares, unmindful, unapprised, insensible, unthinking, unheeding, ignorant, uninformed, unwitting, unconsciousness, oblivious, unaware, unsuspecting, unperceptive, unintelligent, unalert, unresponsive, unobservant, unsensible, unattentive, unobserving, unenlightened, unwary, unconscious, unmindful, unappreciative, unsophisticated, unacquainted, unconsciously, and uneducated. All of these words are great alternatives to the word “unconscious” and can help you to convey the same meaning without having to repeat the same word.