1. Awkward
2. Distressing
3. Tense
4. Irritable
5. Restless
6. Disconcerted
7. Strained
8. Ill at ease
9. Uneasy
10. Disturbed
11. Embarrassed
12. Nervous
13. Discomforting
14. Displeasing
15. Unpleasant
16. Oppressive
17. Troubled
18. Disagreeable
19. Anxiety-ridden
20. Unsettled
21. Agitated
22. Disquieting
23. Disgruntled
24. Unmanageable
25. Unfamiliar
26. Discomfited
27. Unsuitable
28. Unwelcome
29. Unsatisfactory
30. Unbecoming

Finding the right words to describe an uncomfortable situation can be difficult. Knowing synonyms for the word uncomfortable can help you find the right words to explain the situation. Here are some of the best ideas for synonyms for the word «uncomfortable». Awkward, distressing, tense, irritable, restless, disconcerted, strained, ill at ease, uneasy, disturbed, embarrassed, nervous, discomforting, displeasing, unpleasant, oppressive, troubled, disagreeable, anxiety-ridden, unsettled, agitated, disquieting, disgruntled, unmanageable, unfamiliar, discomfited, unsuitable, unwelcome, unsatisfactory, and unbecoming. Knowing these synonyms can help you express yourself better and more accurately in any uncomfortable situation.