1. Unaltered
2. Unmodified
3. Unvarying
4. Unaltered
5. Unvarying
6. Unfluctuating
7. Unvaried
8. Constant
9. Unwavering
10. Unswerving
11. Unmoved
12. Unmodified
13. Undeviating
14. Unchanging
15. Unaffected
16. Unaltered
17. Unvaried
18. Unwavering
19. Unmoved
20. Unalterable
21. Unvarying
22. Unfluctuating
23. Unmodifiable
24. Unaltering
25. Unchanging
26. Unadapted
27. Unaltered
28. Unvarying
29. Unfluctuating
30. Unaltering

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