1. Lesion
2. Wound
3. Sore
4. Injury
5. Erosion
6. Pustule
7. Fester
8. Ulceration
9. Inflammation
10. Blister
11. Boil
12. Pimple
13. Abscess
14. Canker
15. Carbuncle
16. Cyst
17. Granuloma
18. Tumor
19. Swelling
20. Blight
21. Eruption
22. Fissure
23. Fungus
24. Gangrene
25. Lesion
26. Pustule
27. Scab
28. Scar
29. Tumefaction
30. Wart

Are you looking for synonyms for the word «ulcer»? Having a variety of words to choose from is often helpful when you’re trying to express yourself. Here are the best ideas for other words for «ulcer» that you can use in your writing. Lesion, wound, sore, injury, erosion, pustule, fester, ulceration, inflammation, blister, boil, pimple, abscess, canker, carbuncle, cyst, granuloma, tumor, swelling, blight, eruption, fissure, fungus, gangrene, lesion, pustule, scab, scar, tumefaction, and wart are all synonyms for the word «ulcer». With this list, you can easily find the perfect word to express what you mean.