1. Keyboarding
2. Data entry
3. Writing
4. Text entry
5. Composition
6. Scripting
7. Punching
8. Scribbling
9. Noting
10. Entering
11. Tapping
12. Expressing
13. Printing
14. Inscribing
15. Marking
16. Logging
17. Stroking
18. Dictation
19. Insinuating
20. Punctuating
21. Scripting
22. Hunting and pecking
23. Pecking
24. Inserting
25. Typewriting
26. Copying
27. Chording
28. Composing
29. Recording
30. Transcribing

When you need to quickly and accurately enter text into a computer, there are many synonyms for the word typing. Keyboarding, data entry, writing, text entry, composition, scripting, punching, scribbling, noting, entering, tapping, expressing, printing, inscribing, marking, logging, stroking, dictation, insinuating, punctuating, scripting, hunting and pecking, pecking, inserting, typewriting, copying, chording, composing, recording, and transcribing are all other words for typing. For the best ideas, consider using a combination of these words to describe the task of typing. For example, you might use ‘data entry’ to describe entering large amounts of text quickly and accurately, or ‘chording’ to describe entering text using a specialized keyboard.