1. Rotating
2. Revolving
3. Swiveling
4. Twisting
5. Spinning
6. Swinging
7. Pivoting
8. Circulating
9. Rolling
10. Twirling
11. Gyring
12. Recirculating
13. Reversing
14. Gyrating
15. Whirling
16. Varying
17. Transmuting
18. Reorienting
19. Twisting Around
20. Turning Over
21. Reversing Direction
22. Twofold
23. Reversal
24. Reorientation
25. Transformation
26. Transformation Around
27. Variation
28. Recirculation
29. Rotation
30. Swivel

Are you looking for the best ideas and other words for the word «turning»? Look no further! There are a variety of synonyms you can use in place of «turning» to add more variety and creativity to your writing. Words like rotating, revolving, swiveling, twisting, spinning, swinging, pivoting, circulating, rolling, twirling, gyring, recirculating, reversing, gyrating, whirling, varying, transmuting, reorienting, twisting around, turning over, reversing direction, twofold, reversal, reorientation, transformation, transformation around, variation, recirculation, rotation, and swivel are all great alternatives to the word «turning». Whether you’re writing a novel, essay, or article, these synonyms for «turning» will help you add more personality and description to your writing.