1. Bump
2. Nodule
3. Knob
4. Knoll
5. Projection
6. Outgrowth
7. Swelling
8. Lobe
9. Nub
10. Node
11. Protuberance
12. Elevation
13. Spire
14. Bunion
15. Excrescence
16. Papilla
17. Tuberosity
18. Prominence
19. Convexity
20. Tuber
21. Knurl
22. Wart
23. Tuberculum
24. Papilloma
25. Blemish
26. Pimple
27. Pustule
28. Bumpiness
29. Bumpkin
30. Tubercle

Looking for synonyms for the word «tubercle»? You’ve come to the right place! Here we have compiled 30 of the best ideas for other words for tubercle. Whether you are looking for a nodule, a knob, a knoll, or a projection, we have you covered. From a swelling to a lobe, a nub to a node, and a protuberance to an elevation, we have thought of it all. If you need a spire, a bunion, an excrescence, or a papilla, you’ll find it here. We also have tuberosity, prominence, convexity, tuber, knurl, wart, tuberculum, papilloma, blemish, pimple, pustule, bumpiness, and bumpkin. With this comprehensive list, you’ll never have to search for synonyms for tubercle again!