1. Pipeline
2. Conduit
3. Channel
4. Bore
5. Duct
6. Passage
7. Tunnel
8. Aqueduct
9. Main
10. Sewer
11. Borehole
12. Conduit
13. Culvert
14. Drain
15. Ductwork
16. Line
17. Nozzle
18. Pipe
19. Shaft
20. Spout
21. Trunk
22. Trunking
23. Tubelet
24. Tuyere
25. Volute
26. Windpipe
27. Aqueduct
28. Conduit
29. Pipeline
30. Sewer

Are you looking for the best ideas for synonyms for the word «TUBE»? Look no further! There are many other words and phrases that can be used to describe the concept of a tube, such as pipeline, conduit, channel, bore, duct, passage, tunnel, aqueduct, main, sewer, borehole, conduit, culvert, drain, ductwork, line, nozzle, pipe, shaft, spout, trunk, trunking, tubelet, tuyere, volute, and windpipe. Each of these words can be used to describe a tube in a variety of contexts, so you can pick the one that fits your needs best.